Why We Stop for Ice Cream


On Wednesday we loaded our car and headed home after an encouraging meeting! When we zipped our kids in their pajamas and shut the van door it felt good to know that Faith Baptist Church in Kokomo, Indiana became partners with us. Anytime a church chooses to support us, but especially immediately after the service, it gives us yet another reason to celebrate (sometimes it also requires a stop for ice-cream)! Thank you Pastor and Mrs. Green and all the kind folks at Faith Baptist Church for helping us reach people in the UK with the gospel. We are now at a solid 75% of our needed support and one step closer to reaching the UK!

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We asked last week if you would email us your questions about our family and ministry. We heard from two of you! 🙂

1) Pastor Mike Andrews asked, “When do you leave for the UK?” We will leave for the UK as soon as we have nearly 100% of our needed support. Lord willing, we will arrive in the UK sometime early next year. We are hoping for January – please pray!

2) Charla Peery said, “I wonder how the paperwork process is coming to get you all ready for the move?”  There is a significant amount of paperwork needed to move to the UK. Right now we are waiting for Nathan’s new birth certificate so we can apply for a SS number and then a passport for him. 

Thanks for taking the time to read our weekly update!

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