This World is Not My Home!

DSC04190You may have heard the phrase, “Home is where the heart is.” I’ve always taken a certain pride in keeping my cozy house clean and well decorated. I get so much pleasure in “nesting”. This week I’ve had to break up my nest. We are selling, giving, and tossing things piece by piece. Although we are thrilled about moving to England, there is a slight sting as I surrender what I hold dear. My home, my comfort, and what is familiar to me is quickly fading away. As I slowly begin to pack boxes and my walls are growing bare I remember the phrase, “This world is not my home.” I would much rather invest my life in things that are eternal than decorate and invest in the temporary. Please pray that God would guard my heart this week as I remember what is truly important.  – Anna


We have many friends who are special to us. The Williamson family would be one of them. Pat and Tammy have prayed for us during some difficult ministry days and rejoiced with us during some of the happiest days of our lives. They have been true friends and offered us support and love when we needed it most. Recently as Anna was photographing their family I was reminded how God uses people just like the Williamsons to enable missions around the world. The Williamsons are sacrificially faithful to God and others. They simply love God and desire to do what is right. If it weren’t for people like them (and you!), we wouldn’t be able to go and tell people in England about Jesus! We want to thank each of you who are dedicated to reaching people around the world. Thank you for touching our lives and in return touching lives in the UK.

Let’s Celebrate

We are thrilled to have another church join us in reaching the UK with the gospel! Thank you Reimer Road Baptist Church in Wadsworth, Ohio for your support. Will you please pray God would help us raise the remaining 25% of our needed support before the end of 2015? 

Comments & Responses

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  1. Sarah says:

    That living room is gorgeous! You have a knack for nesting, Anna:) I can only imagine how beautiful you will make your new home in the U.K.!

  2. Thinking of you in this mighty effort, the Lord give you much wisdom.
    God bless you,
    love Mary x

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