The Ruwersma Review – October 7


October is Pastor Appreciation Month

Throughout the years there have been many pastors who have had a significant impact on our lives. We are thankful for the sacrifice of time, effort, and resources they have invested to guide us in our spiritual walk with Christ. We appreciate all the pastors over the past 15 months who have taken an interest in our family and ministry – thank you!

We recently asked our Facebook friends for reasons why they appreciate their pastors. Here is what they said:

My Pastor is John Reed from Hazelgreen Baptist Church. I am extremely thankful that God put this man and this church in my life!! He lives his entire life for Jesus Christ! He is my mentor and a dear, dear friend. He not only works a full-time job running a company, but makes himself available to anyone who needs him for any reason at any time! I am a recent convert to the Baptist faith and he meets with me for one hour every week for Bible study, after he has worked at his job all day. Everything he does, he does with a good heart and never wants anything in return. He is the most selfless man I have ever known. He inspires me and the entire congregation to be a better person, to love the Lord the way he loves the Lord, and he insists on giving God all the glory!!! His passion for Jesus is exemplified in his sermons. He cannot speak of Jesus dying on the cross without getting choked up. My husband and I agree that we do not know a finer man than Pastor John Reed.”  – Mary Ellen Mann

I appreciate our pastor, Louis Canaday because, he is a fine ensample like the bible talks about. Whose faith follow. He is faithful in all things, and he is full of grace towards others.” – Valentina Boven

As our Pastor preaches the “whole counsel of God”, he preaches with power, as well as with love and compassion. I just can’t imagine my life without him and church family. So very thankful for his leadership!” – Peggy Snow

Next week we hope to give you a list of ways we can encourage our pastors.

Please feel free to email us your ideas!

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In the last week we have been in SEVEN services in FOUR different churches throughout THREE different states.

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Prayer Request

1. Please pray we would be sensitive to the Holy Spirit and His leading.

2. Please pray for physical safety as we travel and that our vehicle will keep rolling at 260,000 miles!

3. Please pray we will have an adoption placement soon – specifically for the safety of our unborn child and for the birth mom to make wise choices.

4. Please pray for good health for the three of us and for our baby coming.

5. Please pray for wisdom as we begin making specific decisions and planning our arrival in the UK tentatively at the end of 2015.

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