The Ruwersma Review – November 11

Hello from sunny Florida! We are enjoying the warm weather before we head back home to chilly Michigan on Sunday. We’ve had a terrific time visiting churches and meeting people in Alabama and Florida this week.

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Kevin and Noah went fishing this weekend with a group of men from Liberty Baptist Church in Sarasota, Florida. Noah took an unexpected swim in the water after trying to catch some birds. 😉

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37 Days to Go!

We were overwhelmed with the responses you gave us after we announced our upcoming adoption. We appreciate the emails, calls, and text messages to congratulate our family! We are thankful to have your support during our adoption process.  We want to be open and honest with you about the joys and challenges of adoption as you walk beside us. Welcome to the journey – enjoy the ride with us!

1. Please pray we will be at the hospital during the labor and delivery. We have been asked to be at the hospital the minute the birth mother begins labor. We live about an hour from the hospital and it is imperative that we are there during this crucial time. Pray she doesn’t deliver early when we are out of state.

2. The birth mom will be having a C-section and would like Anna to be present during surgery. Please pray the hospital will allow Anna in the room during the birth. The hospital will be giving us a room until the baby is discharged since we will be the primary care givers. The hospital stay is the happiest/scariest time. We are excited, yet nervous due to the fact nothing is final until the birth mom relinquishes her rights (about 4-8 weeks after delivery). It will be an emotionally exhausting wait.

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We enjoy every opportunity we are given to speak with children.

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Kevin speaking about the need for church restoration in the United Kingdom.

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We are thankful for the many new friends we have met along the way.

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It was nice to see these children singing during an international dinner.

Thanks for your prayers and support!

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