The Ruwersma Review – May 20

Brown City, MI (2 of 2)

A Review of Our Week

Wednesday: We had a meeting at Harvest Baptist Church in North Vernon, Indiana. We enjoyed getting to know Pastor Hadley and his family and present our ministry to their church. On our way home we received news of TWO churches who have joined our team of supporters. Praise the Lord!

Thursday-Saturday: Anna hosted a garage sale. Despite the rainy weather it was a success. We still have a lot to downsize, but it was a good start.

Sunday: We enjoyed our time at Faith Baptist Church in Brown City, Michigan. Pastor and Mrs. Gaymon were a big encouragement to us.

Today: Kevin made phone calls all day. He scheduled TWO meetings!

Looking ahead: We will be leaving Saturday for a month. Please pray for safety as we travel to Minnesota, Alabama, Tennessee, and Ohio.

Brown City, MI (1 of 2)

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