The Ruwersma Review – June 10

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Hello from Alabama! We’ve just completed a mission conference at Crossroads Baptist Church in Mobile. From the moment we walked into the church we were greeted by kind people who had a sincere heart for missions. When it came time to leave we felt we had made lifelong friends.

Here are a few examples of the kindness we received:

Becki Gray, a new member at CBC, approached Anna moments after we entered into the auditorium. Her heart overflowed with a passion for missions. Becki not only took an interest in our lives, but went a step further to ask specific questions about our immediate needs. It was evident that Becki wasn’t just giving to missions because she had to, but because it was an overflow of her love for the Lord.

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Twice a teenage boy slipped Kevin a $20 bill as he shook his hand. Did you catch that? A teenager. I’m sure there were plenty of other things he could have spent his money on, but he choose to give sacrificially to God’s work. Incredible.

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Charity Tolbert is an outgoing mother of two with a generous heart. Charity emailed Anna before we ever met asking about her likes and dislikes. It was important to Charity to give a warm welcome to the missionaries by giving them thoughtful gifts specific to their likes. Charity displayed hospitality.

Chloe Smith is a sophomore in high school. Chloe connected with Noah and kept on eye on him every time we were in church. She gave of her time and exemplified true servanthood as she chased a little two-year old all week. Her ministry was behind the scenes, but critical for us to have freedom to speak with others.

Judy Herrington is just another example of someone with a contagious love for others and filled with a sweet spirit.  She looked beyond herself to touch our lives. Compassion.

The pastor, Aaron Smith, has been an encouragement to Kevin for several years. Pastor Smith has been a friend to our family and taken a specific interest in our ministry. Although it was a busy week he took time every day to connect with the missionaries.

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Anna hit it right off with Laurie Schaerer, a photographer. Even though it wasn’t necessary Laurie took time to instruct Anna and give her a few photography tips every day. Laurie invested her time in Anna by teaching her new skills.

There are many, many more people who we didn’t name. People who gave of their time, resources, and love to meet our needs or to simply be a blessing to us. What did this do for us? It taught us many lessons. It made us stop and think, “Am I doing this for others?”, “Could I do more?” or “Lord, help me to be sensitive to the people you bring along my path.” No doubt God provides the needs for His children. Maybe He wants YOU to step out and be used of Him to do something for others. We are ordinary people, but our God can take a simple token of love and kindness to reveal His glory and goodness.


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Judging food can be added to our resume now. 😉

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Kevin replaced the wheel bearings this week for the second time.

Thank you for taking the time to read about our family and ministry. If we can be a help to you, please let us know. We would love to hear from you and hear how God is working in your life.

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