The Ruwersma Review – July 22

Kevin's 30th BirthdayFriday: Kevin celebrated his 30th birthday!

Host FamilySaturday: We traveled just north of Chicago and met our host family. We are staying with Noel and Trinidad until Wednesday evening. We are thankful for their kindness and enjoying the Filipino food.

Kevin PreachingSunday: We presented our ministry in two churches.

Emmanuel Baptist Church

Kevin MinglingMonday: We were back in church enjoying the mission conference!

Today has been tough. It’s one of those days we just want to be home. After staying up until the early morning hours talking with our host family and sleeping for a few hours we were awaken with Noah being quite sick. Ever since 4 AM he has been sick every 45 minutes. It’s never fun to clean up those kind of messes, much less when you are staying with other people. Please pray Noah will feel better soon. When our schedule is back to back with meetings we do get weary, please pray we can have the spiritual and physical strength to keep going.

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