The Ruwersma Review – July 15

We are happy to announce Faith Baptist Church in Brown City, Michigan has joined our list of supporters. It has been amazing to see God work and provide! This brings us closer to our goal and gives us encouragement to press on!

On Sunday we presented our ministry at First Baptist Church in West Union, Ohio with Pastor Jamin and Joy Boyer. Joy was one of Anna’s room mates in college. It was good to visit with friends and get reacquainted.

Camp Meeting (1 of 9)

Camp Meeting (2 of 9)

We went camping for ONE night with Kevin’s family last week in Pentwater, Michigan.

Ruw Family (8 of 9)

Ruw Family (4 of 9)

Ruw Family (9 of 9)


Prayer Request

1. Our walk with God. We want to continue to draw closer to God and listen to His spirit as we make many important decisions in the months ahead.

2. Please pray for our financial support. We would like to see a steady increase to keep us on track for arriving in the UK next year.

3. Our little one we are waiting to bring home. Please pray we will have some good news soon about our current adoption process.

(NEW) 4. Please pray for Kevin as he begins to schedule meetings for 2015!

Comments & Responses

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  1. Sarah Mueller says:

    We are praising God for the continued faithfulness of the Body in promising financial support of you!

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