The Ruwersma Review – January 8



Happy New Year! We are eager to begin our first full calendar year on deputation.

If you haven’t already, we invite you to subscribe to our blog. We will be updating our blog every Tuesday with a post called, The Ruwersma Review. This will highlight what we have done during the previous week and will give you a sneak peak of our up-coming week. We hope this will help you pray for us effectively and also enjoy the journey of deputation along with us!

On Thursday we had a surprise retirement party for Kevin’s dad, Wes. He worked 43 years at Meijer! During the party we were able to visit with some close friends and faithful supporters of our ministry.

Michigan hit headline news on Sunday with sub-zero temperatures, stiff winds, and over 18″ of snow fall. We’ve never seen anything quite like this before.

We made the most of our time being snowed in on Monday.  We assembled over 1,000 coloring books to give to the children during our meetings this year. We have found this to be a great way to help kids connect to missions.

Today is day two of being snowed in. Although we are house bound, the work continues. We have sorted through over 15 banana boxes of books. This was a project we needed to accomplish, but it was never high on the priority list. We sorted the books in three piles; keep, give, and donate. We also researched shipping companies. We received an estimate around $2,000-$3,o00 to ship a crate to England. This is still something that is undecided.

Sunday we have two meetings. We will be in Munith, MI for a morning service and Allen, MI for an evening service. Please pray for safety as we travel.

Snow Storm of 2014!

Snow Storm of 2014!

We made 1,000 coloring books to pass out to children during our meetings.

We made 1,000 coloring books to pass out to children during our meetings.

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