The Ruwersma Review – January 28

Kevin helping a church shovel their sidewalk.

Kevin helping a church shovel their sidewalk.

Thursday we were able to donate some of our books to Christian Resource International in Fowlerville, Michigan. CRI distributes Christian resources all around the world in several different languages. They allow missionaries to walk through their library of books and curriculum and take what they would like for FREE! If you are interested in donating, volunteering, or perhaps you are a missionary interested in free material please visit their website here.


Our alarms sounded at 5:30 on Sunday. We were on the road by 6:30 headed to Melvin, Michigan. The storm followed us and we were thankful to arrive at the church in plenty of time to set up. After our evening meeting in Allen, Michigan we managed to stay ahead of the storm once again except for the last 30 minutes. We are thankful for God’ protection as we traveled 7 hours in snowy weather.

We are looking forward to being in a Mission Conference near Chicago on Friday-Saturday at Hazelgreen Baptist Church. Right after the morning session and lunch we will be driving 5-6 hours north to Wisconsin.

Sunday we will be with Pastor Brad and Maya Anderson, Anna’s former youth pastor, at Liberty Baptist Church in Antigo, WI.

Adoption Update: We appreciate your encouraging words and faithful prayers as we pursue an adoption through Bethany Christian Services. Yesterday we received some disappointing news. We understand that adoption is never an easy process and ups and downs are to be expected. The only way we make it through the hurdles and sometimes heartbreak is knowing that we have placed the situation in God’s hands. Sometimes our hearts grow raw. It seems like the cycle is hope, pray, expect, and wait. Over and over again we go through this cycle until sometimes we get to a point of breaking. We know God is in control and that He has already chosen a child for our family, yet right now it feels like we are on a very long, unknown road.

"Ummmm....what kind of trouble can I get into?"

What a sweet, sweet boy!

Thank you for your love and prayers!

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  1. Rev. Gary and Barbara Williams says:

    The Lord has just the very baby He wants you to adopt and raise for Him.
    We have friends who were disappointed twice. They actually went to where they were supposed to receive their baby and the mom changed her mind. They later adopted via private adoption. There is always hope. Because He lives I(we)can face tomorrow, GnB

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