The Ruwersma Review – January 14


We are thankful to be feeling better. From Wednesday-Saturday our family had uneasy stomachs, runny noses, sore throats, and felt physically exhausted. Noah was especially ill with temperatures around 104F. After visiting the doctor and getting a prescription, he seems to be doing better.

Kevin was able to schedule 15 meetings this week! By the looks of our schedule we will exceed our goal of being in 100 churches in 2014.

Saturday we celebrated Sharon’s birthday (Anna’s mom). We had a good time as a family eating pizza, cake, and ice cream! It’s great to have family who is supportive and helpful during our deputation.

Sunday we had our first meeting of 2014 in Munich, Michigan!

Please pray we stay healthy as we prepare for a busy schedule of traveling. On Sunday, January 19, we will be presenting our burden for the United Kingdom in Whitmore Lake, Michigan.  Thanks for your prayers!



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