The Ruwersma Review – February 4

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Hello! Thanks for taking the time to catch up with our family. Here is a brief rundown of our week.

Wednesday we received a call from our case worker at Bethany Christian Services telling us it was time to renew our home study. This will include paperwork, fingerprints, physical exams for the three of us, and a home visit.

Friday we were able to get fingerprinted and drop off papers at the doctor’s office before leaving town. We were able to visit Chicago for a few hours. Although we weren’t there very long we had a great time! untitled (5 of 9)

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Saturday we traveled up to Antigo, Wisconsin and stayed with a sweet family, Mike and Kathy Solin.

Sunday we spent the day with Anna’s former youth pastor, Brad Anderson, and his family at Liberty Baptist Church in Antigo, WI.

Monday we came back home and quickly unpacked, wrote thank yous, caught up on correspondence, did laundry, etc.

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Today is our home study. We have been cleaning, filling out last-minute paper work, and praying God would help us through this process. Our home study begins at 3:00 and it will be approximately two hours.

Tomorrow we have a meeting about four hours away in Greenfield, IN. We will be driving home after the meeting so pray we make it home before 1AM!

Thanks for praying for us. Please feel free to email us anytime at Have a good day!

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