The Ruwersma Review – February 25

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Kevin and his sister, Amy Kalmeta. We were able to spend a few hours with Amy and her family last week on our way home from Tennessee.

Things aren’t slowing down for us, in fact it seems to be busier than ever. Our days run together and nearly everyday feels like a Sunday to us. This week we have SEVEN meetings in SIX days!

A recurring theme of our lives appears to be faith. It was through faith we accepted Christ as our Savior. With faith we stepped out to begin deputation. It is by faith we wait for our adoption process to be complete. FAITH. It is because of the faith and prayers of so many we were able to see five new supporters join us financially. Not only was our faith strengthened last week, but the faith of those praying for us was increased. Take for example our sixteen year old babysitter, Rachel. Last week Rachel prayed specifically that God would bless us/meet a need and that all three churches we visited that week would support us. The next day she read on Facebook that our meal was paid for at Chili’s by another table (blessing/need met). She was thrilled! It was personal for her – she saw a direct answer to her prayer. You can imagine how she felt the following day when she read we had three new churches support us! Do you think her faith was increased?  Absolutely! God answered her specific prayer. One of our individual supporters is praying we have seven churches partner with us. We know God is able! Today we would ask you – will you pray for us specifically? We certainly appreciate the time you invest in our lives and ministry through prayer.

Please pray our for us spiritually. Pray for our marriage. Pray for Noah. Pray for our adoption process. Pray we have wisdom parenting. Pray for safety. Pray for a full schedule of meetings. Pray for our financial support. Pray. Pray. Pray. We need your prayers.



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