The Ruwersma Review-December 16

We hope you are having a terrific time preparing for Christmas! On Sunday we enjoyed our last meeting of 2014 at Harvest Baptist Church in Hudsonville, Michigan. We have had a great year and we are anticipating an even better year ahead!

Kevin is spending the majority of his time this week locating churches, making phone calls, and emailing pastors. December is the time of year we sit back and review the previous year and make goals for 2015. We are making improvements to our website and brainstorming more effective ways to keep you informed about our ministry. If you have ideas or suggestions please let us know. We have a few NEW ideas for 2015 and we are looking forward to getting them launched! We want to do our best to keep you informed about our ministry and make it as easy as possible for you to connect with us. We can not go to England if you are not partnered with us through your prayers and support. Thank you!

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Yesterday Anna received this adoption kit from First Baptist Church in Elkton, South Dakota. The pastor’s wife, Heidi Toft, leads the WOW (Women of Wisdom) group. The ladies of this group have chosen to adopt Anna. What a tremendous encouragement to know there is a group of ladies who love, pray, and support Anna – especially during upcoming adoption.


There are only 13 days to go until the scheduled c-section of our soon to be son! We are hoping it will be sooner. Every day we wake up thinking, “It could be today!” We have a few specific prayer requests regarding the upcoming adoption process.

1. Please pray Anna will arrive at the hospital in time to be present during the delivery. It will ultimately be the decision of physician and anesthesiologist if she will be allowed in the room during the c-section.

2. Pray for the wisdom and comfort for the birth parents. As far as we know they are not Christians. We would like an appropriate time to share the gospel with them.

3. There is a possibility that final consent papers could be signed 72 hours following delivery opposed to the typical 6-8 weeks. This would ease our anxiety and give more freedom to leave the state with the baby without a special written consent.

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Last week we were able to be at the children’s Christmas program at our home church, Calvary Baptist. Noah was able to jump right in and join the other children singing Christmas songs and ringing bells. He loved it!
Thanks for taking the time to read our update!

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