The Ruwersma Review – August 12


As we pull in the driveway we immediately start identifying the situation and have about 1,000 questions running through our minds. Will we be staying with a young couple, retired couple, or maybe a widow? Which one of us will watch Noah and who will be the “talker”. Do they like to stay up late or go to bed early? Do they want help in the kitchen or do they prefer to work alone?  We never know what kind of situation we are walking into when we cross the threshold.

Last weekend we met a family who showed us Christ-like love. Pastor Mike and Heidi Toft not only provided for our physical needs, but also encouraged us spiritually. It was refreshing to be with other Christians who have a sincere desire to serve Jesus. It was easy to see they weren’t just being nice because they had to, but because it was overflowing out of their hearts! We left the Toft’s home thinking to ourselves, “Do we give others genuine, grace-filled love when they visit us?” 

It’s not just the Toft family who has shown us exceptional hospitality. Many of you have taught us through your Godly example. Many churches have graciously allowed us to stay in their prophets chambers, countless people have taken us out to eat or prepared delicious meals in their homes, thoughtful gifts have been given to us, our gas tank has been filled, and on and on. We feel very humbled. We are inadequate and fall short so many times. We get our words mixed up during our testimonies, our DVD presentation goofs up, we fail to remember your names, but it is your love and prayers that enable us to keep going. Why? Ultimately for the gospel’s sake. This verse is an encouragement as we, together, strive to further God’s kingdom. “For whosoever shall give you a cup of water to drink in my name, because ye belong to Christ, verily I say unto you, he shall not lose his reward.” Mark 9:41


Noah always loves his new friends

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We had the privilege to share our ministry in THREE churches this week. We also praise the Lord for an additional supporter this week!

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