The Ruwersma Review – April 8


Hello from Wixom, Michigan! Thank you for your prayers last week. We are feeling much better and God has continued to give us safety during our travels. On Wednesday we enjoyed a meeting at Emmanuel Baptist Church in Lebanon, Ohio. It was good to see our friends Rick and Natalie Ross and BJ and Sarah VanAman during our time in Ohio.

Deputation 2014 (2 of 7)

We are in the middle of a mission conference at First Baptist Church of Wixom, Michigan. Pastor Brad Stille and the rest of the staff have made us feel so welcomed and comfortable. It has been nice to meet Elsa Ramirez (missionary to Mexico), Bob and Terri Sturgeon (missionary to Bolivia), and this is now the third conference we are with Jay and Hannah Brown (missionaries on deputation to Panama). The schedule has been full, yet very enjoyable. We enjoy daily lunches with the staff, speaking in the classrooms of Wixom Christian School, afternoon activities, and dinner in church member homes. Today Anna is very excited to be going on a shopping trip with the missionary wives.

It seems at each conference we see new ideas and learn from experiences. We appreciate the communication that Pastor Stille has had with us leading up to the conference. Here are a some great ideas we have learned from this conference:

1. During Sunday school and morning worship the church Skyped with supported missionaries; Daniel and Deana Brown (missionaries to Liechtenstein) and Jonathan and Alisa Ballou (missionaries to Thailand).

2. The church has done their best to involve the children in the mission conference by having a children’s class during the preaching every night, visiting the school classrooms during the day, giving the children “passports”, and our favorite idea is missionary trading cards! Each night the children are handed a packet of trading cards the size of baseball cards with the missionary  info on the cards. The idea is to get the children to trade with friends and collect the entire missionary collection. GREAT IDEA!

Sharon Booth, Anna’s mom, wrote a blog post called “Good News from a Far Country” on Living on PB&J blog. It has practical suggestions how to encourage your missionaries!

We hope you have a great week!

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