The Financial Cost of Moving Abroad


October is Pastor Appreciation Month

We want to thank the many pastors who have invested in our lives and ministry. Thank you for allowing our family to visit your church to share our ministry of church restoration in the UK with you. We appreciate the time you sacrificed to talk with us and give us helpful advice as we begin a new ministry. Thank you!


The Mission Conference at Victory Baptist Church in Baytown, Texas was terrific! We went to the meeting praying God would allow us to be a blessing to the pastor and an encouragement to the church. This week we were blessed and encouraged by the excitement of the people and their enthusiasm to move forward in their walk with the Lord.

The Financial Cost of Moving Abroad 

Before you read this paragraph you may want to sit down. The figures will take your breath away! Since we have started deputation we have been saving for the tremendous cost of moving through our love offerings. We are thankful God has already allowed us to save a significant amount, and we are prayerful we can save further. We want to share this information with you to help you better understand the cost many missionaries face just to get to the field. We want to be prudent and resourceful with the funds God has given to us and trust Him to provide the remaining funds. 

Estimated Total Moving Expenses: $32,750

Visa Total $7,700

– Visas $3,600 (£2,256)

– National healthcare fee $3,800 (£2400)

– Application for visa £180 ($300)

Airplane Tickets $3,300

Shipping Container $5,000

Vehicle $6,000 (£3,900)

Deposit and 1st month rent $3,000 (£1,950)

House furnishings, electronics, etc. $8,500 (£5,500)


Thank you for your love and prayers!

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