Spring 2015 Prayer Letter

Dear Praying Friends,

As we sat around a table with a British pastor he said with conviction, “There is a great need for churches in England.” Later we received this note, “Please know we are praying for and looking forward to seeing you here in England, I know The Lord will use you mightily!”  After meeting with him we are even more eager to finish deputation and move to the United Kingdom. Presently, we are in contact with several other individuals who are yearning for our arrival. Please pray for God’s wisdom as we make a decision about the specific location of our ministry. 



Do you ever wake up wondering what day it is? As you may imagine traveling 5,000 miles, presenting in approximately ten churches, meeting thousands of people, and sleeping in over a dozen beds each month can lead to exhaustion. Yet the Lord gives us the strength and encouragement we need for each day. Take, for example, the joy of hearing 11 churches and 2 individuals partnering with us since our last update letter! We are so close to booking tickets and applying for visas as we wrap up the remaining 30%. Will you continue to pray for God’s provision for our family to reach the UK with the gospel?    

Because of Christ,

Kevin Ruwersma

For the PDF version of the Spring 2015 Prayer Letter please click here.

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