September/October Prayer Letter


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Dear Friends,

The countdown has begun for our departure! We are anticipating our move to the UK in January 2016. We have been diligently raising financial support, applying for our visas, and preparing for the details of our move abroad. When we first arrive in the UK, we plan on working with a British pastor in Pontypridd, Wales. Pastor Darren Rogers will be sharing his ministry experience with us while we assist him for 6-12 months. During this short period we plan to survey and pray for God’s direction for our own work of church restoration.

As the time of our departure draws closer there are many details that require preparation. The visa process is already underway. Lord willing in a month we will receive our visas. Once the visas are issued, we will have three months to arrive in the UK before our visas expire.


With eleven meeting in churches scheduled for the remainder of 2015, there is still lots of work ahead of us. Once we are finished traveling we will have time to focus on the details of our move such as packing and looking for a home.

Thank you for partnering with us through your prayers and financial support. We are so happy to have you share our journey to the mission field with us. We appreciate the overwhelming support from you and the sacrifices you continue to make in partnering with our family to reach the UK with the gospel. 

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  1. I pray all goes well with you and your passports. Can’t wait to hear you are in Great Britain

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