September-October Prayer Letter

Since beginning deputation, we can think of no happier prayer letter than the one you are about to read. The past two months have been an incredible journey for our family and ministry. We know many of the blessings in our lives are a direct answer to your prayer for us. Thank you! We hope the news we are about to share will be a blessing to you.

October 10th was a day like no other. What started as a typical Friday ended as one of the happiest days of our lives! After waiting over 18 months for an adoption placement, we received a phone call from our case worker telling us of a possible placement. We were given only a brief amount of time to make a decision, but we already knew our answer.

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From the beginning of this adoption process, we surrendered to God’s plan. We had only a few specifications related to the adoption simply because of the fact we will be living overseas. We left the rest in God’s hands. In His great grace and mercy, He is blessing our family with a baby BOY in mid-December! What a special Christmas gift and it is perfect timing given our travel schedule. We want to thank many of you who have prayed for us throughout this whole process. We will have to make many decisions in the coming few weeks, so we ask that you continue to pray for us and our growing family. While much could change in the weeks ahead, we are optimistic and hopeful. We know many of you will want to stay current on our adoption journey throughout the next two months. The best way to receive updates will be through Facebook ( or by signing up for our weekly updates on our website. We will keep you updated step by step as we bring our little boy home!

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Throughout the months of September and October we were able to visit 19 churches including 8 mission conferences. We thank God for the busy schedule and the safety He has given to us as we have crisscrossed eight states. Please pray that we can help and encourage the pastors, pastor’s wives, and church members as we present our ministry in ten churches during November and December.

During the last two months we have had a 10% increase of our financial support with 11 new supporters. This has been the biggest jump yet! Currently we are at 40% of our needed support. We would like to see our support at 55% by the end of January to keep us on track for arriving in England by the end of 2015. We are eager to reach the United Kingdom as quickly as possible and fulfill God’s call on our lives! Thank you for investing in our ministry through your prayers and support.

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To download the PDF version of our prayer letter, please click here.

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