Over Half Way!


Answered Prayer

At the beginning of the year we asked you to specially pray with us about our support level. We set a goal to reach 55% of our needed funds by the end of January. As of February 1 we were able to see that prayer answered! January was an exciting month as we had seven churches partner with us. It is because of those churches we saw our goal met. Now we are pushing for 60% and hoping to see the gap from 55% to 60% close quickly. Thanks for praying!


Although Michigan was faced with a terrible winter storm warning we bundled up and faced the elements early Sunday morning. With over a foot of snow falling we safely arrived in northern Michigan. We had a terrific time sharing our burden for church restoration in the United Kingdom with Hope Baptist Church. We then quickly packed up our display. Put our coats, hats, and gloves on and headed home. We were happy to finally see Exit 60 and pull into our snow covered driveway.

On our way to the meeting I started thinking of all the time we spent in preparation. It may seem to you that missionaries just show up at your church. That is rarely the case. It takes roughly 3-4 hours of phone calls to book one meeting! Then a confirmation call or email to the pastor, a quick post on the church FB page to remind the congregation we are coming, travel time to and from the meeting, and preparing for the sermon or testimony. All of that is preliminary, not to mention the packing. Following the meeting we invest a lot of time corresponding with the people we met through emails and text messages. We appreciate every meeting we are given. We want to do our best to invest in you. If we can do that by explaining missions over a cup of coffee, encouraging your pastor, or teaching a missionary story to the children that is what we want to do. Thank you for including us in your life and helping us get to the mission field of England!

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  1. Hannah says:

    So happy !! :)Miss ya’ll!!

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