November/December Prayer Letter

During this Christmas season we are reminded of the two Christmases we spent in England. One special memory we have is opening Christmas crackers. “What are Christmas crackers?” you may be wondering. No, they are not a box of special Ritz crackers or saltines. They are a cardboard tube containing a small present wrapped in bright, colored paper (see picture below). This tradition is done around the dinner table with family and friends. We also remember venturing out to the mall on Boxing Day, the day after Christmas. It’s similar to what we would call Black Friday here in America – a day filled with frenzied shopping. So for now, we are happy to celebrate Christmas with our family and friends here in America, but we eagerly await the day when we will enjoy it in England.


Meanwhile, from sunny Florida to snowy Michigan, God has continued to bless our family. Our November began with a mission conference in Ohio followed by meetings in Alabama, Florida, Indiana, Wisconsin, and Michigan.  We were in three mission conferences and presented our ministry in nine churches.

Looking back on this year of deputation, we are amazed at how our lives have been enriched by many new friendships.  We also have been challenged as we face many unknowns. Through the up and downs of this year, you have been a tremendous blessing and encouragement to us.  Just this month a church sent us a beautiful card with a gift card to Baby’s ‘R Us to purchase items for our new baby. Another church sent us a card filled with notes of encouragement just to brighten our day. Anna was recently adopted by a ladies Bible study group and given many sweet gifts. The list could go on and on. You have touched our lives, and because of your investment it gives us great encouragement to do our best and get to the United Kingdom as quickly as possible to give others that same Christ-like love.

Thank you for your prayers during our adoption process. Our soon-to-be son is scheduled for delivery on December 29th.  Please pray all would go well. The hospital stay is very difficult and emotional. Lord willing, next time you receive a prayer letter we will be a family of four!

Finally, we are grateful to have three new churches partner with us this month as we continue to make progress in getting to England. Our passion is growing and our desire to reach lost souls in the United Kingdom is ever stronger! We pray that during the year of 2015 we will be able to finish our deputation and arrive in England.

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Merry Christmas!

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