No Food. No Drinks

We completed a monumental task! This week we finished all of our paper work and filed for our visas (can I get a cheer!?). The last item on the check list was to have our biometric screening completed. The first clue that this may be a long afternoon was when we read the bold words on the door, “NO FOOD. NO DRINKS. TURN ALL ELECTRONICS OFF”. As our four year old casually skipped into the building the security guard curtly told him, “Stand behind that line sir.” So there we were – the entertainment for everyone who was waiting. We tried. We really did. We looked put together for maybe 60 seconds. I was hoping the kind looking lady sitting across from me would attempt to talk to my baby or play peek-a-boo, but no such luck. All my lifelines were removed. “Ugh, this is going to be a long afternoon.” I kept thinking to myself. In the meantime my thoughts were interrupted by questions Noah kept asking, “Why do they need our fingerprints?” “Who is that man?” “What are they saying?” as I tried to juggle a baby who wanted to crawl around the floor. You know when you feel everyone staring at you and you keep trying to ignore the looks? Yes. That was me this afternoon. Just one more experience to add to my list. Next time I will be prepared – maybe.  Anna

You may wonder what we are doing when we aren’t filling out paper work or sitting in government buildings…

1. With only two weeks until we ship our container we are taping and labeling boxes left and right. We are deciding what makes the cut and what goes to grandma’s house. 😉

2. We are saying goodbye to many sweet friends and family. Nearly every evening this week we have enjoyed dinner with people we love and will miss dearly.

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We are so excited to have Solid Rock Baptist Church in Grand Rapids, Michigan join us in reaching the UK with the gospel. By God’s grace we are at 87% of our needed financial support! We have enjoyed deputation, yet we are eager to begin the ministry God has prepared for us in the United Kingdom.

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