New Goals

Hello! We enjoyed hearing from several of you last week. Thank you for sharing our passion and burden to re-establish churches in the United Kingdom. We appreciate your prayers and support as we finish deputation.

We’ve recently made a few financial goals for our ministry. Please scroll down to check it out! 
Wednesday evening we were in Plainwell, Michigan visiting Lighthouse Baptist Church. We are thankful for the opportunity we were given to share our ministry!
We had a terrific time sharing our heart for England with Lee Village Baptist Church in Harriman, TN on Sunday morning. What a sweet group of people!
Sunday evening we visited Faith Baptist Tabernacle in Jamestown, TN. They were so kind and generous to our family. After the service they voted to partner with our ministry! 
We are happy to welcome Lake Milton Baptist Temple in Diamond Ohio and Faith Baptist Tabernacle in Jamestown, Tennessee to our team of financial supporters this week! Because of their generosity we are now at 79% of our needed support. In order to arrive in the UK by January we need to see a 5% increase each month. Here are our monthly goals:

September: 80%
October: 85% (tentatively apply for visas)
November: 90% (
tentatively purchase plane tickets)
December: 95% (
tentatively ship container)
January 100% (
tentatively leave!)

We are trusting God to supply. Will you join us in prayer?

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