UK Facts


  • The United Kingdom is made up of four smaller nations: – England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland.
  • The land mass is roughly the same size as Oregon.
  • The population is 63,181,775 people.
  • The economy is 6th largest in the world.
  • The form of government is a constitutional monarchy. The current monarch is Queen Elizabeth II.
  • The Church of England is the state church, also called the Anglican church.  It is the same as the Episcopal church in the United States. The Church of England broke away from the Catholic church in 1534 under King Henry VIII.

UK Religious Facts

  • The two largest religions in the UK are the Church of England and Islam.
  • In 2001 there were 1,600,000 Muslims and 600 mosques, but by 2011 that number rose to 2,869,000 Muslims and 1500 mosques. (1)
  • Among all denominations 6% attend a church weekly, 2% attend a bible-based church weekly.
  • The average age of a church goer is sixty-one years old (2) while the average age of a Muslim is twenty-five years old. (3)
  • Of those who are  age 18-24,  38 % do not claim any religion, only 25% identified as believing in God (4), while 10% are Muslim. (3)
  • The fastest growing religious group is irreligious/atheism, while the second fastest is Islam (3)
  • More Muslims attend a mosque weekly than those who attend the Church of England weekly. (5)




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