May/June Prayer Letter 2017

Aren’t beginnings exciting? There is a certain anticipation of the unknown and an enthusiasm that builds up within us as we wait to see how God is going to work. We are in that sweet spot right now. We are enjoying our early days at Princes Street Evangelical Baptist Church. We stand in Barry, Wales grateful for all that God has done in our past and eager to see what He has planned for our future. We are right where we have longed to be for over three years – beginning a work of church re-establishment!  

We see opportunity with every face we encounter; the new mum who walks in the doors at the mums and tots program, the barista who serves coffee to our small group, the dad who sits next to us at the birthday party, the repairman who comes to fix our leaky faucet, the doctor, barber, cashier. Every person represents a soul, a soul we are here to reach and to share God’s amazing plan of salvation. We do our best to fill our days with people. Here are some people we would like you to pray for, and please don’t simply see names, but see faces and souls that desperately need Jesus!

The six remaining members at PSEBC

We rejoice at the small, steady, incremental growth at the church right now – whether that be numerically or spiritually. Here are some ways God has been working at Princes Street Evangelical Baptist Church.

1. A gentleman named Jon, has faithfully been coming to church for two months with his daughter. Last week his wife came along too. Please pray God will continue to work in this family’s life.

2. Nearly every week we have seen new mothers come to mums and tots on a Thursday morning. We have consistently had 20-30 mothers and toddlers attend each week with potential for growth if we seek to advertise. Please pray for wisdom as we ask God for direction for this ministry as well as creative ways to engage the mothers in spiritual discussion and thought.

3. It is unmistakable from the outside of the building that things are changing at the church. Kevin has been doing lots of landscaping and painting to give the church some curb appeal as well as some interior updates.

4. The weekly teen girl Bible study kicked off to a good start last week with five girls in attendance and one more joining us soon. As far as we know none of the girls have made a profession of faith. Please pray Aliyah, Seren, Bethany, Jade, Charley, and Izzy would understand and respond to the gospel soon.

Girls Bible Study


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