March/April Prayer Letter

Good Shepherd BC - Mooresville, IN

“You have made my day! I have been wondering where I would go when I die. I was afraid I was going to a place I did not want to go.” This was a statement from a 67-year-old man after he made a profession of faith last week! Kevin met Patrick during visitation in Indianapolis. Patrick believed in Heaven and Hell and knew he was a sinner, but he was hoping God would overlook his sin when he died. We praise God that He led us to this man who was looking for the truth!

We started March off in Lebanon, Indiana for a mission emphasis Sunday. The pastor, Steve Rance, is a missionary that is home on a medical furlough and is helping the church get restarted. We have enjoyed visiting a few other American church restoration efforts during deputation. It has been helpful to talk with experienced pastors and learn from them as we prepare for our church restoration work in the United Kingdom.

March and April have been very busy, but profitable. We traveled over 9,000 miles to present our ministry in 24 churches in 5 states (Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Iowa, and Kentucky). We have had the opportunity to share our ministry in 8 mission conferences and 3 mission emphasis Sundays. We are thankful for two additional churches who have committed to partner with us financially! We are waiting to hear back from many other churches that have made reference to supporting us as well.Crossroads Baptist Church, Indianapolis  (12 of 15)

As we anticipate our future in England please begin to pray for direction and wisdom as we seek a specific location for our ministry. We are praying, researching, and contacting several pastors and missionaries in the United Kingdom as we pursue the next step. We would appreciate your prayers as we make this decision.

Thank you for your continued love, support, and encouragement as we endeavor to reach the UK with the gospel of Jesus Christ!

Crossroads Baptist Church, Indianapolis  (3 of 15)

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