July/August Prayer Letter

As we pursue a domestic infant adoption we face highs and lows. This month we received some disappointing news. We were hoping for a placement this month, but God allowed the doors to close for three possible placements. We know God is in control and that He has a perfect plan in this journey, yet some days are difficult as we wait for God’s chosen child. The thought that God is using our pain to encourage others brings joy to our broken hearts. As we travel from state to state and proclaim the need for churches to be restored in the UK we also share a glimpse of God’s heart for the fatherless. We are humbled to speak to couples nearly every week who are facing infertility or those who are timidly seeking to adopt. This past Sunday a young lady approached Anna in tears. She had just overcome deep sorrow and had been considering adoption. As we shared our story of God’s grace she said, “It’s no accident you are here. God has used you to greatly help us as we make many decisions in the days ahead.” Even though our hearts are tired of waiting and our arms are longing for a baby, we will trust God’s sovereign plan. The simple fact that God has provided for the financial obligation we will owe for the adoption gives us great hope that one day we will get THE call!

As we ride the roller coaster of adoption we also face the joy of deputation! We have thoroughly enjoyed this chapter of our lives. God has proved Himself to us time and time again. It has been an incredible experience that no doubt will make us better missionaries once we reach the field. We praise Him for His faithfulness and provision. In the last few weeks we have had 4 new financial partners! We are humbled that He has chosen us to represent Him to a country that so desperately needs the truth of the gospel to light their lives.

We are quickly approaching one of the busiest times of deputation. Many churches host their mission conferences in the autumn. As we glance into the coming two months we will be in 22 churches including 9 conferences! Each new church we attend is getting us one step closer to stepping foot in England. Please pray the churches we present our ministry will become future financial partners. Thank you for your love, prayers, and friendship. May God bless!

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  1. We are praying for you!

  2. Sarah Mueller says:

    Continuing to pray for your hearts and for the grace you need to faithfully wait upon His time. It can be so hard…

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