Jan/Feb/March Prayer Letter


Hello from Wales! The past few months have been a whirlwind of activity. We packed and shipped our container, finished the remaining paper work to obtain our visas, said goodbye to friends and family, and settled into our new life in Pontypridd, Wales. Our home church sent us off with lots of love, support, and prayers when they hosted an encouraging Commissioning Service in January. Twelve different churches came to embrace us and reinforce their support to our family and ministry. To view a brief video of the Commissioning Service please click HERE. We left the USA eagerly anticipating our new life in Wales!



Once we stepped off the plane we were greeted by a national pastor and his wife, Darren and Jo Rogers. They have been a tremendous help as we have re-adjusted to life in the United Kingdom. It has been thrilling to be part of the growing ministry at Bethany Baptist Church as we seek the next step for our ministry. We have immersed ourselves in various church ministries and activities and have sought to be blessing. In just a few short weeks, we have attended a wedding, a funeral, passed out Christian literature in our community and downtown Cardiff, taught in children’s clubs, preached, and shared our testimonies with our new church. In the near future we plan to travel a few times each month to visit other churches in the surrounding area that need help and also to learn from other ministries. Please pray God would give us clear direction as we pray about our next step in our ministry of church restoration in the UK.


We have adjusted well to our new life and it feels good to settle and not be on the move all time with the demands of deputation. We chose to move near the city center so that we can be closer to the community and the people we are serving. Our house is small by American standards, yet we are happy to make it our home and hopefully a light in our community of Christ’s love and hope. We have already met many of our neighbors and we look forward to building those relationships. Noah joined a children’s soccer league, the Mighty Kickers, and this has enabled us to meet many parents in our local community. We hope these relationships will result in gospel conversations and new visitors at our church. We have found the people of south Wales to be friendly, yet spiritually withdrawn. Please pray God would work in lives and use us to further His kingdom!


Your prayers and generosity make each message, conversation, and Bible study possible. We couldn’t have gotten through this first month without your support. Thank you!

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  1. Debbie Fields says:

    Love getting your updates and thankful things are going so well for you in Wales. Thanks for sharing the video. Keeping you all in my prayers and also praying for Ana, at the coffee shop. God bless.

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