Hooray! 1,000 Subscribers

list-sizes-1000We now have 1,000 email subscribers! It’s encouraging to think that each week 1,000 people are personally connected with our family and ministry. 1,000 people are updated about our prayer requests and praises. 1,000 people are reminded of the need for churches to be restored in the United Kingdom. Lord willing, 1,000 people are praying for souls to be saved and discipled in England. Thank you for having a significant part in our ministry! 

_MG_8920We’ve had a busy few weeks sharing our ministry in conferences and meetings. Please pray that our efforts will be fruitful. We have met several people who are interested in our work from Lighthouse Baptist Church in Ashtabula, OH, Maranatha Baptist Church in Saint Robert, MO, and Bible Baptist Church in Camdenton, MO. We are excited to see how God will provide for the remaining 29% of our support!


Thank you for praying for our safety as we travel. In the past two weeks we have spent over 55 hours in our van. Tomorrow we are going to start a mission conference at Bible Baptist Church in Selma, Indiana. From there we go to Harmony Baptist Church in Chattanooga, Tennessee and Emory Heights Baptist Church in Harriman, Tennessee for Sunday meetings.

We continue to reach out to British pastors and other missionaries serving in the United Kingdom. Last week we went to lunch with Matt and Amanda Green, missionaries serving in England. It was very helpful to hear their experiences and advice. As the date for our departure is getting closer we have several specific prayer requests:

1. Direction for the specific place of ministry when we initially arrive.
2. Support to be raised by December 2015.
3. Savings for set-up funds to be met.
4. Discretion about what to buy/sell/leave/take.

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