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Wednesday we had a great time with Pastor Jim Larger in Farmersburg, Indiana. It was nice to visit Friendship Baptist Church and share our ministry to the United Kingdom.

On Sunday we shared our work in England with Faith Baptist Church in Pekin, Illinois. We had lunch with the Palmer family (top left picture). They were a great encouragement to us as they shared their testimonies. Their oldest daughter and son-in-law will soon be starting deputation as medical missionaries to Togo, Africa. After the evening service we were invited to speak to the teenagers and share our hearts for missions with them (pictured above). It was a wonderful day filled with many blessings!


Earlier this week I looked around the room where we are staying and saw both boys playing happily. The boys are happy (most of the time), even though we spend much of our time on the road and struggle to have a real routine. At that moment a few thoughts came to my mind:

1) Our home doesn’t have to be an address. Just because our boys don’t know from day to day where they will sleep, WE are their security. I can make any hotel room or missionary house a home for my family if I’m intentional about it.

2) I’m thankful for churches who allow our family to stay in their missionary apartment. This provides our family with a little “down” time and privacy. I really appreciate being able to close the door and have our little family together.

3) My need for time alone with God each day. Let’s face it, extended travel with a baby and a toddler can be difficult at times. It is not always easy waking them up, skipping a nap, changing a diaper or cleaning spit up on the road, but I can have peace and joy when I spend time with God each day. He alone can satisfy my needs and fulfill my desires. More than ever before I have found spending time with God critical for each day.


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