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Today we welcome our guest blogger, Ryan Khan! It seems appropriate to have Ryan as our first guest blogger. Ryan became very close to our family during our internship in England. He came over to our home a couple times a week and made himself right at home! We are thankful we have kept in regular contact with Ryan since leaving England in 2010. There is one phone call that will forever be etched in our hearts. We had just decided to adopt Noah and we were eager to call Ryan and let him know the good news. He answered the phone in his British accent and we blurted out, “Ryan, we are adopting a baby!” What we were expecting to be excitement on the other end was actually tears and sniffles. We couldn’t figure out what was wrong and why he would be so upset. Through his tears he replied, “But I thought we were your children!” Our hearts were broken and from that moment we have always told Ryan he was our “first” son.


My name is Ryan Khan and I am from England. IMG_6493I attend a church called Beeches Road Baptist Chapel. Five years ago I met two of the most amazing people ever, Anna and Kevin Ruwersma. That was just the best day of my life and meeting them and getting to know them was great! Their whole life was with the ministry and with God.They were just like my second family and they have helped me so much and have been an encouragement to me. Without them I don’t think I would be where I am today. God has used them so much in my life and I couldn’t wish for better people to be part of my life.

They have a two year old son called Noah. He is just the best ever and just like my little brother and will stay with me for ever.

DSC03383DSC03283I have had a lot of great times with the Ruwersmas, but one thing which was just an amazing day was when Mr. Ruwersma asked me and my friend Simon to come and help him paint an outside fence. I said, “Oh yes, I will come. I can paint fine no problem!”

Painting at the Ruwersma's house

Painting at the Ruwersma’s house

Well, I came to paint and it was about 4.30pm and it was dark nights back then and I still remember saying to Mr. Ruwersma, “I won’t get no paint over me, I promise, and by the end of it I looked like they painted me because I was covered in paint!”


First time camping!


Making stew on the campfire

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