Good News, Good News

We are so pleased to share our good news! Over the past two weeks we have scheduled several more meetings, visited two churches, presented our ministry in four churches, and seen two churches partner with us!

God has provided for our every need. We are humbled to see people give sacrificially and generously for the cause of Christ. He often blesses us most when we least expect it. Kevin is an exterior/interior painter and has been working full time most weeks. We are hoping next week will be his last week painting. This will give Kevin time to make phone calls and communicate more effectively with pastors. Our schedule is nearly full for the rest of the year, we only have November 3rd AM and December available.

Here are a few of our blessings….

  1. We are scheduled for ten mission conferences this fall.
  2. We have six promised supporters with several more interested.
  3. We are booking meetings for 2014!

It was great to see the Casada family. Anna taught their oldest son, Ryan, when he was in third grade. We are thankful for their partnership in our ministry.

We have met some incredible friends along the way!

We have made great friendships along the way!

Thanks for taking an interest in our family and ministry to the United Kingdom! If you would like frequent updates please like us on Facebook!

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