Encouraging Words

Deputation has been an exciting new adventure! We have met some amazing people, enjoyed chatting with pastors and their wives, and made new friends. Last week we visited a church in Rogers City, Michigan. This church was unique – in a GOOD way!

Something we noticed during our day with the church was their genuine interest in missions. At our display table we have three photo books that allow the reader to acquaint themselves with our family, ministry, and the U.K. Often these books stay neatly on the table or perhaps a few people casually flip through them. Not at this church! There was always someone actively looking at the books, at times all three would be used! It was encouraging to see others interested in our lives and ministry.

The pastor and his wife were keenly aware of our needs and took every measure to take care of us. As my dad likes to say, “Hospitality is providing for the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of those around us.”  The Rogers are truly hospitable people.  I asked Mrs. Rogers, “What advice would you give me as I prepare for England?” as I munched on my crab rangoon and tried to keep my two year old still.  I have asked this question to nearly every pastor’s wife and heard a multiplicity of responses. She said, “Be a mom to Noah and take care of your home and family.” It sounds so simple, but that is exactly what I needed to hear. I push myself to be super mom, super wife, and super missionary. Those words let my mama heart sail free. I took a mental picture of that moment and will carry that conversation with me to England. I am guilty of trying to meet everyone’s expectations and then failing miserably. It was a blessing to know that this pastor’s wife didn’t expect me to be or do anything beyond what God wants for me at this moment – be a mom to Noah and take care of my home and family!

Kevin sharing his passion to reach U.K. with the gospel .

Kevin sharing his passion to reach U.K. with the gospel .

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