August-September Prayer Letter

It’s 12:28 AM, and Noah is screaming. The blaring noise has echoed through the house for nearly an hour and shatters any hope of peace and quiet.  If, by chance, our host family had fallen asleep before the crying, there is no doubt they are now fully awake.  We franticly try calming him using every trick we know –anything to stop the bawling! Just hours earlier we had met our host family, Tom and Carol. They graciously invited us to stay the weekend in their beautiful, new home. It had been a long and difficult day for Carol as she placed her father in hospice care. Now we were all together under one roof hearing the shrills of an over-tired and scared toddler. Finally, we all drifted to sleep, and the next morning we hung our heads as we sheepishly walked into the kitchen to say good morning. Thankfully, we were greeted warmly and embraced with such love and understanding. Later that day Carol’s dad took a turn for the worse and passed away. Even though Tom and Carol were confronting a tremendous trial, they exemplified such grace to us. Although this could have been a very awkward situation, it became a beautiful friendship. Even when we hugged them goodbye they handed us an envelope containing a generous gift. We drove away that weekend truly seeing the love of Christ.

Along with traveling every weekend, a few missions conferences, and mid-week services, Kevin has painted many homes throughout the summer to help financially. We are grateful that God provided for every need as we started deputation in June. Kevin has now finished all of his “side-jobs” and is able to put all his time toward deputation and scheduling meetings for 2014. As we look at our schedule in the coming months, we have over ten mission conferences scheduled for the fall. We look forward to sharing our burden for the United Kingdom in sixteen churches during October and November!

2013-09-20 19.05.03

On August 30, Noah turned two years old! We are thankful God gave him to us and that we have the privilege to be his parents. He is a tremendous blessing to our family and a walking testimony of God’s goodness to us. Noah is a very good traveler and enjoys meeting “new” friends along the way. All three of us are eager to welcome a new baby in our home. Please continue to pray for our adoption placement process.


We are enjoying deputation as it is strengthening our faith and preparing us for our future ministry in the United Kingdom. Thanks for your prayers, support, and friendship. May God bless you!


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