We received our certificate of sponsorship! This is a BIG deal! We can now officially begin our visa process. Opening our acceptance email was the most exciting thing that happened this week!

What’s Next? 
1. We have a mountain of papers to collect. Papers for bank accounts, old passports, birth certificates, SS cards, marriage certificates, and diplomas need to be compiled and copied. Kevin is working hard to get it all together so we can send it out by the end of the week. Lord willing, we should receive our visas in a month!

2. We need to confirm a shipping company and finish our packing. This is going very slow. I would not recommend moving in December…

3. We are searching for housing. We need to find a three bedroom house close to Bethany Baptist Church.

4. We need to purchase our plane tickets. This will be something we do once we receive our visas.

5. Pray! We are praying God would prepare our hearts for this move. We would like to be a blessing to Bethany Baptist Church as we adjust to the culture and learn from Pastor Rogers.


Thanks for stopping by to catch up with our family and ministry!

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  1. Charla Peery says:

    Praise the Lord! One step at a time.

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